Here’s our promo/election posters for our performance/work as AKB0048 at the swedish con Närcon 2013!!
On Thursday we will be performing at the opening ceremony! Saturday we’re working as AKB-maids at the maid café Sakura Garden - so make sure you come there in time for a chance to meet your favorite maid or idol!
And lastly we’re also going to perform at the closing ceremony on Sunday. We really hope that we’ll see you all there!
Aitakatta YES!

Maeda Atsuko 13th
"Since I want to be able to see everybody’s smile, I’m coming to meet you!
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Takahashi Minami 5th
"I’ll go anywhere for the sake of AKB0048
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Oshima Yuko 9th
"I will become Center Nova - and I will not disappear"

Kojima Haruna 8th
"If you have problems with love - leave it to phermone queen NyanNyan"
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Watanabe Mayu type 3
"Let’s do our best together! Welcome to the world of 2D"
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Kashiwagi Yuki 6th
"It’s going to be allright. I’ll look after you"

Akimoto Sayaka 10th
"Let’s do our best! We’re moving forward
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Miyazawa Sae 10th
"I’ll get serious for your sake"
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Itano Tomomi 11th
"Let’s spend a lovely day together today!"
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Take my word for it, all the lines sound cooler in Japanese.

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